Gary Shephard

"I didn't realize how much of the audio spectrum I was missing... You could spend 10 times as much on some other microphones, but this mic sounds as good, if not better. The ECM 87 delivers crystal clear detailed sound for acoustic instruments & vocals. The sound is balanced and REAL".  The ECM 87 accurately reproduces vocals and acoustic guitars better than anything else I've used. Frankly, it's the only mic that makes me sound like me".

Francisco / Superior Sound

“The ECM 87 sounds about 5 times what I paid for it. I was skeptical at first because of the price, but I tested it on hip hop vocals and on acoustic guitar. Both were amazing! Oh man,

I think I am in love! I am so glad I bought this mic! I have two U87s and bunch of other high end-mic’s and these sound just as good if not better!

Testimonials from

Robert Mete

“I bought 3 mic's at last year's TAXI rally. Just wanted to say that I really like them.  I recorded a String Bass, Trumpet and also used them as an over head on the drums.

Thanks for a great microphone...”

Steve Archdeacon

“Hey, I thought I'd write to tell you I bought (the ECM87) and it's a GREAT microphone!!  This microphone is SICK and thanks for creating it.  I'm the Long Island, NY Chapter Coordinator of Songsalive and I recommend that people buy the mic all the time. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that and keep up the good work!”

George Carter

I finally received the mic this morning and I spent 2-hours recording with it and all I can say is WOW! Thank You!


Tim Williams

Woooo Hoooooo!!!!!!! I got the microphone today and want to tell you that it ROCKS!

Tim Williams

Music for Your Film

Rick Hays & American Steel

“I just got one of your new Gauge ECM-87 Microphones and we decided to A/B it against some other great microphones we had used in past recordings.  In short, your microphone was awesome on my vocals!  So, we decided to re-record the acoustic tracks and again, your mic out performed all of the other mic’s.  Next we used it on the Steel Guitar, again, the same thing.  Wow!

I wanted to say thank you, for making such a great mic and to extend my personal thank you for all of your efforts and high quality work.”

Steve DeMar

Demar Development Studios

“The mics are great!  Thank you for taking the extra effort to pull me a matched pair.  They tested very well.

I've used them on male vocals, female vocals and acoustic guitar so far.  The bump at 10k is something to pay attention to, but I like it as I find on vocals that don't penetrate well, this bump helps.

I'm really liking these mic’s and wanted to thank you for figuring out a way to have this level of quality at such an awesome price.  More success to you guys.  I've been singing your praise!”

Jack Tracy

“Recieved the mics yesterday and I got time to try them out today. They sound great!  They will be used a lot. I have already recommend you to some friends.”

Mike Tee

“WOW....Thank sounds AWESOME...... You just put a HUGE smile on my face!”


Mike Tee

Baldwin NY

Zach Gallop

B and Z Sound Pros

“I wanted to thank you both first and say we were pleasantly surprised how nice this mic really did sound.


"We put the ECM87 in side by side comparisons with microphones that are up to 8X the price, and were pleased to find that the Gauge microphone really does what owners say it can. It can out perform or stand up to some of the finest microphones on the market today. Overall, bang for buck one of the best microphones we own. We use it for percussion/guitar/vocals."

Mark Lienhart

“I really just wanted to say thank you. I recently purchased an ecm87 from your company.  Being a small business owner I have to save everywhere that I can, and while microphones aren’t a great place to penny pinch, to work within my budget.  After scouring the internet forums looking for reviews of all the different mic’s I found your company.  I am so pleased to be a client now!  I was honestly sold as soon as I heard your samples... but, what really drove it home was the fact that you seem to really care about the product that you are putting out and it shows... my ecm87 sounds amazing and I love it!  Thanks again!

Anthony Kilhoffer

“I used the Gauge ECM87 to record Kanye West and really liked it. You can check the track on iTunes. It is called "Forever".

Mike Geler

“I’ve used my ECM-87 on dozens of independent artists.  I use it on my own material as well.  Most recently we used the Gauge on a theme for an all a cappella TV series “The Sing Off” (NBC). 

Everyone that comes though the studio asks and I will continue to brag about it.  The Gauge is best!!!“

Dylan Berry

“We used the ECM87 for the all A Cappella Theme and Music Package for NBC's "The Sing Off” after trying a handful of others. You can't hide when its all vocals and this microphone shined!!”


Recording ArtistProducerSongwriter

"Once I heard the ECM-47 microphone, I was hooked! I compared it to some of the other high-end Microphones and was sold instantly! Very impressed!  I love what you guys are doing! Great price too!!!“

Bret Levick

“OMFG.  I just got my ECM-87 and I had to write and tell you guys that it's absolutely stellar! I tried it on acoustic guitar and vocals and it sounds a million times better than anything in it's price range. Thank you!”

Bang Hard Music

Bruce Mandel

“I received the ECM-87 and plugged it in and in a two words: very cool!

The Gauge ECM-87 is very natural sounding without the common upper mid and high end hype often characteristic of many LDC's.  The ECM-87 is very smooth and comfortable in the mid-range coupled with a very tight bottom and a very nice open, breathing and comfortable top end.”

Chuck Beckler

I used the mic for 5-hours today in the studio.  We can't say enough great things about it.  We're incredibly impressed. Thank you for taking my studio up a notch.”


STUDIO24 Omaha

Tim Lovell

“I received my new Gauge Microphone a few weeks ago and have been experimenting a little in the studio.  I think it's a great microphone. I'm glad I ran across you guys. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great mic at even a greater price.                                                                                      Lion Of Judah Music

Eric Henderson

“I purchased a pair of your microphones and the results were great. I tested them side by side with a Neumann M149 and the Gauge was better to my ear for this application (male vocal track).  I was also pleased that the capsule's acoustic behavior (i.e., it did NOT sound "cheap").  Thanks for offering great mics that cost about 1/30th the price of the Neumann M149.”

The Go Gettas

"When we are laying down vocals for our next hit, we rely on Gauge Microphones to capture the magic… they sound great…. If your looking for mic's that won't suck the life out of your recordings as well as your wallet…do yourself a favor get a Gauge."

Terry Sasser

“Just to let you guys know I have received the 87 and was leery from the beginning but have been ecstatic from the first test sound I put into the machine.  I think this mic is going to make all the difference in the world. Thanks for your energy in getting this thing out there for the rest of us.” 

Jay Hensen

“I just recently purchased the ECM-87 and i'm blown away!”

Dennis Rivadeneira.

“I've recently (today) received one of your beautiful sounding ECM-87 microphones as per Chandler Bridges. Thanks for an awesome mic!”

Kris "Insider" 

Greg Cohen/ Kris Vanderheyden

“I just received your -87 Mic  and I did a test with a De Lachappell  Pre-Amp .  It's insane!!!!!!

Best combination EVER !!  Can't wait to hear the ECM-47”

Patty Boss

Boss Studios, San Francisco CA

“ Hi guys... I bought a few ECM-87 Gauge mics recently to use specifically

for hip hop male vocals, and I have been extremely kick-ass happy with the

results.  THANK YOU.  I have to say, your online A-B testing samples were

pretty spot-on. For the price and quality, I am thrilled (and so are my


Josh Doyle

“I wanted to let you know that I just used your ECM-87 and ECM-84 microphones on a session and was blown away! I usually use an AKG C414 as my go-to mic for vocals, acoustic guitar, etc. But I always had to EQ to get the mud out. With the Gauge mics they sounded incredible right away. I'm hesitant to even EQ the acoustic or vocal tracks, they sound so good raw. I'm anxious to test out your ECM-47 now.

Thanks again for offering a great product at a great price!”

Bryan Ebstyne

“I am blown away.  I am simply blown away.  How did you do it?  The rich, clean sound I'm capturing seems to defy gravity!  I cannot thank you enough for leveling the playing field for guys like me.

For the first time ever, I feel like my production quality is limited by my skill and not my bank account.  What a hugely pleasant surprise!”

Trevor Myers

“WOW. You guys seriously deliver. I'm glad to know there are actually people around trying to give people the tools they need to do what they love within their budget.”

Jan Fairchild

“The 47 is incredible. You guys are killing with these mics!!!”

Mitch Lerner

“The Gauge mic (ECM 87) has been excellent live with Lifehouse ~ using it as an extra lead guitar mic.  Perfect edge without any harshness whatsoever!  It's definitely helping to get the guitar lines out clean and clear in these arenas.  Thanks!”

Sam Cooper

“Thanks so much for the Gauge mic!  It will get lots of use recording acoustic guitar tracks. 

Also thanks to Music Connection magazine!”

Thom McHugh

"Being a bonafide gear snob,I'm always skeptical of anything new and affordable, but the first time I plugged in a Gauge ECM-87 I was blown away. This is a great mic at any price."


Kandace Lindsey

"The ECM87 is such a warm sounding mic. I can hear every nuance of my voice."

Bob Mete

"I had a vocalist in my home studio last week who sounds amazingly like "Frank Sinatra meets Steve Tyrell ". When he went up to the mic he said "wow”.  He was blown away by the quality of your mic's.

Stan Ruffalo

"This mic is everything you and others said it was and then some.  It is now my 'go-to' mic for vocals!  WOW!”

Fred Pohlman

"Super pleased with BOTH the 87 and 47...  Mind blower the 47!!!    Fred Pohlman"


Dylan Wood

"The mics sound ridiculous!  I am so happy, I tried it on everything; very transparent and awesome!  These mics blow me away, Thank you!”

Vince Romanelli

"Dude, I just gave a 6 mic shoot out for a rapper, and an acoustic.... Seriously.   I'm so incredibly impressed with your product.  Kudos.”

Mike Shapiro

“I recently had the pleasure of trying several of the ECM-87’s,  a pair of the ECM-47’s and matched pair of the ECM-84’s for a live concert/recording project. I was blown away with the quality and the price. We have a treasure trove of high end microphones and these will definitely be a welcome addition to our collection.”

Mike Shapiro

Florida State University

College of Music - Technical Support Analyst

Ruby Diamond Concert Hall - Audio Engineer

Anjelo Alonte

"People have been asking me about my setup and when I tell them its just "one" Gauge mic, they flip!!! So awesome! Thanks again!


Allan Eshuijs

'I'm a huge fan of the ECM-87 and recently added the ECM-47 to my mic collection. You just can't go wrong with these superb mic’s!'  -Allan

Richard Holland

"I was turned on to the ECM-87 microphone by a trusted producer, and boy was I quickly addicted!“  - Richard

Tommy Daly

Thanks so much for hooking me up last minute!  Sounded Killer!

Really appreciate it! - Tommy Daly

Dave David Fennoy

“I've been using your, oops, I mean my ECM87 everyday!

Thanx - Dave David Fennoy


Brian Gaber (Florida State University)

The ECM47 tube mic sounds fantastic!! 

Brian Gaber FSU


Mike Shapiro (Florida State University)

College of Music - Technical Support Analyst

Ruby Diamond Concert Hall - Audio Engineer

“I recently had the pleasure of trying several of the ECM-87’s,  a pair of the ECM-47’s and matched pair of the ECM-84’s for a live concert/recording project. I was blown away with the quality and the price. We have a treasure trove of high end microphones and these will definitely be a welcome addition to our collection.”  -Mike Shapiro

Hank Whitsett

Audio Engineer, Recording Artist

“This is by far the finest sounding mic i have. Lush & warm presence. Sweet detail.

I love it!” -Hank Whitsett

Adam Wakely

“Hey guys... I just got my mic!  Everything perfect...

Plugged it in and I am totally blown away!!  Like a 10 out of 10!!

Thanks a lot... guys, you seriously rock!  -Adam...

Jon Pazder

“We all have the ability, professional or not, to discern a great sound.  I am an avid, yet amateur recordist, and the ECM-87 is the most professional microphone I have in my studio. 

- Jon Pazder - Tallahassee, FL"

Brian Gaber

“The tube mic sounded fantastic!!  BG

Adam Wakely

“I bought my ECM-87 from you a while ago...and have never been so happy....:)

I had to re-sing many tracks cause I love it so much”.  - Adam Wakely

Bob Petrocelli

“I just wanted to thank you for your mics. The sound of the mic on both male and female vocals is totally amazing. I can't believe you can sell it for the price you do. Thanks very much for making these great tools available.” -Bob Petrocelli

Cameron Giles-Webb

“Just got your new ECM 87 Stealth , Wow!  It looks so good & sound the bomb.  Shit man, I'm blown away. I love it.”  -Cheers Cameron”


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